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Last Updated: August 2016


Web hosting sevice shopping checklist

Standard Web Hosting Features

Hosting can be a little bit difficult to understand when you are new to the game. This is why we signed up to numerous webhosting services, just to see how well their Control Panel works. We tried almost all web hosting providers' control panels and we have recorded this for you!

Uptime and Page Load Time

It is important that your website is accessible for your website visitors. After all, if they can’t access your website, then they are going to be unable to purchase from you. This can cost you money. eHost tended to live up to the 100% guarantee that they offer, whilst other companies, including GoDaaddy fell short.

Customer Support

It is always important to think about the features that a web host provides. Sure, you are going to need to be thinking about bandwidth and disk space at the minimum, but it also important that there are other features in place. Our web hosting features comparison chart will introduce you to the best.

Cost of Web Hosting

Most web hosts offer a number of different packages for their clients to choose from. Each package has its own price point and features that it boasts. Some companies out there, iPage being one of them, have gone to great lengths to ensure that their packages are as cheap as possible.

Bandwidth and Disk Space

No matter how experienced you are in the world of web hosting, you are probably going to need help from time to time. Therefore, you need to know that the company you choose provides fantastic support. We have tested them. We have checked their responses, times, and experiences. This includes the self-help sections they have.

Ease of Use

At the very minimum, you are going to want 5GB of disk space and 250GB of bandwidth. Even small websites will need this much. However, it is probably worth noting that you can also get ‘unlimited’ amounts of both from services like eHost. We have a comparison chart to help you out here.

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