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Updated: January 7, 2023

The first thing to notice about Hosting24 is its mouth-dropping discounts for first-time customers. Whether you’re looking for shared, Cloud, or VPS hosting – you’re unlikely to find a better deal to kickstart your hosting journey. However, customers may need to carefully look at the terms attached to each plan, as the features offered with each package can vary. While their pricing might be complicated, the user experience is made easy thanks to Hosting24’s custom control panel, hPanel. hPanel is the custom control panel created by Hostinger, Hosting24’s parent hosting company.



Shared Hosting Review

Best for Portfolio and Basic websites

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Multiple Sites Whether you can host multiple domains on this hosting plan.
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • Email Accounts Plans with email accounts included save you the hassle of having to setup your own email hosting.
    • Free Migration Transfer If you’re migrating your website from another company or plan, you might need support migrating your website to the new servers.
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

Hosting24’s shared packages come with varying features and resource allocations. Those who’re just starting and who don’t need more than one website might want to take advantage of the incredibly cheap Single Web Hosting. However, if you run a small to medium online business, you might need the extra resources and domains that come with one of the higher-tier plans.

For the most part, shared hosting is based on their custom, in-house hPanel dashboard. This is a simpler, more user-friendly alternative to the market-leading cPanel without sacrificing any features. A free SSL certificate, domain for the first year, and 24/7/365 support take care of the other immediate concerns.


There are three plans to choose from when looking for shared hosting with Hosting24. The bottom-tier plan is the most limited in terms of resources with up to 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth usage. Both of these limits should still be adequate for almost all personal and small business websites.

This plan also limits you to 1 website with one database. You can also only create a single FTP user to manage your backend. As a growing business may require multiple users or even multiple domains as it expands, it’s not the best option for that purpose.

However, both the middle and top-tier plans come with unlimited bandwidth so you can scale your traffic. Storage is still limited to 20 or 30 GB, respectively. While it’s unfortunate not to have ‘unlimited’ storage options, these should be enough for the vast majority of users. However, it’s not suitable for large eCommerce sites or sites that rely on a lot of media.

With these plans, you can also host an unlimited number of websites as well as create an unlimited number of databases and FTP accounts. This makes it more suitable for business websites with multiple partners/employees. Like all providers, Hosting24’s “unlimited” resources are also subject to specific provisions. Unfortunately, though, they don’t provide any exact figures for these limits:

All Hosting plans, including the unlimited plans, are subject to the following (but not limited) limitations: Inode count, Database size, CPU power, amount of RAM, Entry Processes, Active Processes.

In case you cross these limits, you will need to upgrade your account with more resources or face your website being suspended. However, we’d have to say these restrictions will only affect those looking to host anything other than the types of sites we previously mentioned.

In direct comparison with other hosts, Hosting24 does fall somewhat short in terms of resource limits. For the same price, you could get unlimited storage with other providers, while Hosting24 limits you to a maximum of 30 GB. Some other providers also offer unlimited bandwidth across the board.

Hosting24 also has data centers located throughout the world in the USA, Asia, and the UK. However, you aren’t able to choose your server location with a shared hosting plan. Still, this should result in more availability and higher loading times for your website in more geographically diverse locations than hosts with only a single data center.


Hosting24’s first-term pricing is astonishingly low, with up to 90% discounts. Of course, that’s a little too good to be true, so be prepared to pay the normal rate once your first term is up. The good news, however, is that you can enjoy that discount for up to 4 years! For example, if you choose the entry-level plan on a 4-year contract, you’ll only be paying $0.80 per month. That’s $38.40 for four years of hosting and a massive saving of $345.12.

Similarly, the Premium plan will cost $2.15 and the Business plan $3.45 – both incredibly low prices. With the Business plan, you could save as much as $600 over the first four years! The original month-to-month price for the shared hosting plans is $7.99, $11.95, or $15.95, respectively. Even 1-year plans have discounts of between 30% to 60%, which only increase with longer durations.

Month-to-month plans are also reasonably priced and don’t come with any additional fees. These low prices might just make up for the fact that Hosting24 offers limited storage. Each customer also gets a free SSL certificate. Unfortunately, Single Web Hosting customers don’t get a free domain for the first year, although both Premium and Business customers do. Domains renew at $10.99 per year, which is the standard rate. Business customers also get extra added value for money with free daily backups (usually, $0.95 per month) and Cloudflare Protection (typically, $9.95 for your lifetime).

All-in-all, the Single Web Hosting plan’s value-for-money is questionable. We’d only recommend it as an unbelievably cheap way to get started with hosting your first website. However, you get a lot more value, the more you pay, especially for the Business plan. A 30-day money-back guarantee also covers all web hosting packages. This is an industry-standard offer, but nevertheless useful, allowing you to test Hosting24’s service out for yourself before fully committing. Another convenience offered by Hosting24 is a wide range of payment methods, which even include PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Security & Performance

When it comes to security, Hosting24 is a bit short on the details. They claim to offer secure servers using Bitninja protection with all the measures you’d expect, such as constant monitoring by technicians, advanced firewalls, and custom security software. However, they don’t go into any more detail than that.

However, they do provide a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to all of their shared hosting customers, which is a must-have, especially if you want a business website or online store.

You unlock more security and performance features in the higher-tier plan you subscribe to. For example, they claim to offer WordPress optimization with 2x and 4x faster website performance with their Premium and Business plans.

With a Business plan, you also get free daily backups, which provide peace of mind and ensure your business won’t face a rebuild incase of data loss. You can still add this to your Single Web or Premium hosting account, but it will cost you $0.95 extra month. Cloudflare Protection is also thrown in for free with the Business plan, while you’ll have to purchase it for a once-off fee with the other two.

Cloudflare is a website CDN with features both to speed up and to secure your website. It offers a good amount of protection against DDoS, which is one of the chief concerns when hosting a website. Although they are short on details, Hosting24 must have some confidence in their infrastructure as they have a decent uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Still, what they do offer is very standard, and there is no mention of email security, which is something most other hosts provide.

Customer Support

If you want to move your website to Hosting24 from another provider, the good news is that they offer free website migrations. Although also provided by most other hosts, it still makes the process of adopting a new host so much easier.

Unfortunately, though, Hosting24 doesn’t provide a whole load of support channels. Only live chat and email support are available. With a business plan, you get “deluxe support,” which is just priority support with shorter response times. The good news, however, is that their live chat support is 24/7/365, incredibly friendly, and usually very responsive. You can expect a reply within a matter of minutes. Even reaching out to them via email resulted in a response within a few minutes.

No matter what type of customer you are, you also have access to the knowledgebase. With around 500 articles, it’s a very comprehensive problem solving and fact-finding tool for everyone from beginner to expert website hosts.

cPanel Shared Hosting

Hosting24 does offer another option if you’re familiar with cPanel. Hosting24 has two cPanel hosting packages that both come with unlimited storage, databases, bandwidth, etc. The only limits are on having 1 or 50 websites, depending on which plan you go with.

For their cPanel plans, Hosting24 also offers huge 67% first-term discounts as well as significant long-term contract discounts. You can pay as little as $1.25 for the Silver or $3.25 for the Gold plan with the first-time discount. After that, you pay between $3.99 to $5.99 and $6.99 and $9.99, depending on your hosting term.

Both automatic daily backups and Cloudflare Protection are also completely free with Hosting24’s cPanel plans. All-in-all that means the cPanel plans are the best value-for-money shared hosting option if you want to work with cPanel. This also means you’ll have access to Softaculous, which is one of the most comprehensive one-click web application installers.

In terms of features, it’s very similar to cPanel hosting offered by other providers. The most significant difference is that some other providers offer the ability to create an unlimited number of sites. However, Hosting24’s packages are generally more affordable.

Final Thoughts

First of all, it’s still pretty unbelievable how cheaply you can host and how much you can save using Hosting24, especially if you’re a first-time or long-contract customer. The one website plan can cost less than $1 a month, making it ideal for someone who is just starting and wants to test the waters with their first website.

However, you will need to compromise somewhat on lower storage limits – without the option to add more. That being said, Hosting24 does provide all the basics you need to host a website. They also back up some of their talk with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

With unlimited bandwidth and extra features as well as additional security and performance, the mid and top-tier plans are the best value for money. However, the storage limit might still be an issue for large eCommerce or multimedia sites.

Cloud Hosting Review

Best for high-traffic websites with a global reach.

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • CPU (Cores)
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • RAM Minimum Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 4GB
      – eCommerce sites: 4GB-6GB of RAM
    • Free Migration Transfer If you’re migrating your website from another company or plan, you might need support migrating your website to the new servers.
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product
    • Global
    • 8
    • Unlimited
    • 16 GB
    • $100/mo
    • View


Hosting24’s cloud hosting plans provide across-the-board improvements to nearly every facet compared with their shared hosting. Not only will you be hosted on a cloud platform with all the benefits that entails, such as higher stability and availability, but you’ll have access to more storage, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated computing resources, Cloudflare Protection, and daily backups.

You also don’t need a higher level of technical know-how to use this type of hosting as you’ll be provided with the same easy-to-use control panel, hPanel. Along with their improved 99.999% uptime guarantee, this is for growing businesses that don’t want to take any chances. If availability and stability are one of your chief concerns, cloud hosting is worth the higher price tag.

Server Configuration

Hosting24 offers three, straightforward cloud hosting packages. The entry-level Business Startup plan starts with 40 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM, and 2 CPU cores. This is quite a decent amount and more than enough for most medium-sized businesses or eCommerce sites.

The Business Professional plan doubles everything as well as your website’s speed. This should provide a very high level of stability to expanding online businesses, with the RAm protecting against traffic spikes.

However, it’s the top-tier Cloud Global plan that goes all out with an upgraded 200 GB of SSD storage, 16 GB of RAM, and 8 CPU cores. The Cloud Global plan should support everything but the most demanding enterprise hosting needs, primarily because it’s based on flexible cloud infrastructure.

With dedicated resources like these, Hosting24’s cloud hosting combines the best parts of a cloud hosting with benefits usually reserved for VPS customers. They also provide a higher amount of computing power than most other cloud providers, especially compared with shared cloud hosting.

All of Hosting24’s cloud products also come with their own control panel, hPanel. It’s based on cPanel but has a much more straightforward and more modern interface. It might not offer the range of features of cPanel, but it definitely improves on the user experience and still comes with a 1-click application installer.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of controlling your server configuration, although Hosting24 does try to provide an all-inclusive cloud hosting service. For example, you’re locked in with the resources designated to your plan, without the option to change it later. However, you can upgrade your plan to a different one at any time.

Again, they’re not too forthcoming with the details, but all cloud servers come with a cache booster to speed up content delivery and isolated resources to ensure maximum, stable resource access to each customer. Unlike their shared web hosting plans, all plans also come with Cloudflare Protection and daily backups. The basics are also accounted for, like a free domain for the first year and a lifetime SSL certificate.


How affordable Hosting24’s plans are, depends mainly on what term you go with. The monthly rates are quite high, even for Cloud hosting with comparable features and resources. For example, the Business Startup plan starts at $29 per month, but this can drop down to almost half at $15.90 for a 4-year term. If it’s your first time hosting, you can pay only $7.45 per month for your first four years.

It’s a similar story with both other packages. For Business Professionals, prices start at $14.95 ($31.90 for the regular rate) but go up to $58 for month-to-month hosting. The Cloud Global plan starts at $39, which is already quite a bit more expensive and can go up to $100 for the regular, month-to-month pricing. However, you have to keep in mind that, with dedicated resources, this is no ordinary cloud hosting plan. If this is a feature you need, it might well be worth the higher price tag.

If you don’t want to commit that long, even 12-month contracts come with around 33% discounts. The free SSL certificate and domain for a year might be a pretty standard offer, but the free daily backups are an extra some other hosts charge for. As a Cloud hosting customer, you’ll also be protected by the same 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPS Hosting Review

Best for: High Traffic and Fast Growing sites

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Managed Managed servers are generally recommended if you are looking for specialised or advanced server hosting and have little to low technical skills
    • CPU (Cores)
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • RAM Minimum Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 4GB
      – eCommerce sites: 4GB-6GB of RAM
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product
    • 1 vCPU
    • 1 vCPU
    • 20 GB SSD
    • 1 TB
    • 1 GB
    • $10.78/mo
    • View
    • 2 vCPU
    • 2 vCPU
    • 40 GB SSD
    • 2 TB
    • 2 GB
    • $21.56/mo
    • View
    • 3 vCPU
    • 3 vCPU
    • 60 GB SSD
    • 3 TB
    • 3 GB
    • $39.95/mo
    • View
    • 4 vCPU
    • 4 vCPU
    • 80 GB SSD
    • 4 TB
    • 4 GB
    • $49.95/mo
    • View


A VPS provides customers with very high levels of security as well as stable access to their own, dedicated resources. It’s the go-to choice for hosting sensitive business applications that need to always be available and can withstand lag spikes or most threats. Hosting24 provides a reliable range of VPS solutions that suit a variety of budgets and hard requirements.

With full root access, one-click OS installations, dedicated IPv4 and 6, SSH access, SFTP support, and support for frameworks like Apache and Nginx – developers have everything they need to set up their environment to specifications. Furthermore, snapshots, weekly backups, and recovery tools make managing your server a breeze as well as providing extra peace of mind.

It’s worth noting that Hosting24 are intending to switch all their VPS packages to cloud infrastructure in the near future. While this will replace both their Cloud and VPS offering with a “Cloud VPS” offering is not yet defined, but it will be an upgrade for their VPS customers.

Server Configuration

Hosting24 makes up for not offering customizable resources for their VPS hosting somewhat by providing a vast catalog of 6 different server configurations. The available resources scale from 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB storage, and 100 GB of bandwidth to 8 vCPUs, 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of storage, and 8000 GB of bandwidth.

Although none of their packages are unlimited, the limits are high enough that it shouldn’t matter for most customers. Hosting24 offers decent scalability, but you will be able to find a number of hosts offering higher maximum resources, especially memory and storage. The good news is that all storage devices make use of fast SSD technology, which isn’t the case with all hosts.

Users also get full root access to their VPS and configure it any way they want it. It’s a typical Linux-based sandbox environment offered by most hosts. While you get a high degree of control, it also means you’ll require more technical expertise to set up your hosting. You can one-click install a number of Linux distros, such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora.

Just like their other forms of hosting, the VPS servers also come with an easy-to-use admin dashboard. Here, you can reset, stop, start, and take care of other maintenance tasks with just a few clicks.

For peace of mind, all plans come with automatic weekly backups. However, you can upgrade this to daily backups for $1.89 per month. While some hosts offer this for free, it’s still rare, and this is a reasonable price to pay for such a valuable feature.


Hosting24’s VPS packages fall within a broad spectrum of prices. The cheapest is even more affordable than the cheapest Cloud Hosting package, while the most expensive costs more than the most costly Cloud Hosting package. Prices start at $3.95 with the first-time discount and a four-year contract. That’s a 63% decrease from the original $10.78 per month pricing.

If you renew for another 4-year term, you’ll still have a discount of around 20%. While the amount differs depending on your package, you can expect similar discounts. The top-level VPS 6 plan comes with the highest discount of up to 77%. In general, Hosting24’s prices are well below the industry average. Once again, their first-time customer offers are almost unbeatable.

As you’ll notice, though, the Cloud Hosting packages generally come with more resources. It might be worth considering this instead. VPS servers are generally considered to be more secure as there is a stronger separation between customers sharing a physical server. However, cloud servers are generally more scalable and fault-tolerant because resources and environments can instantly be moved between different physical servers.

This is a tradeoff you will need to make based on what’s more relevant to you. VPSs also come with the 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no harm in trying it out before coming to a conclusion.

Top Features

Free Site Migration

Hosting24 offers free site migrations with all plans.

Google Cloud Platform

Hosting24 utilizes Google’s cloud network for optimal hosting performance.

Scalable Server Environments

Hosting24 offers hosting right up to VPS solutions.

Hosting24 Server Performance

Average Review Score

To test Hosting24’s hosting performance we used a few Pingdom reports. Over the span of a year, Pingdom’s probes (located across North America) performed daily checks, on a basic website (less than 100KBs) hosted on Hosting24’s shared server environment. Additionally, there was no throttling added to these checks, so slower response times can be expected for 3G or 4G connections.

Yearly Server Performance:

  • Average Uptime


  • Average Response Time


  • Monthly Downtime

    No Downtime

Data shown as monthly Uptime averages for a basic Godaady website

Server performance can affect all aspects of your site. Case studies have consistently found that customer wait times (page load and response times) directly affect everything from SEM, revenue, and traffic growth. By a lot too, here’s just one example:

For Mobify, every 100ms decrease in homepage load speed worked out to a 1.11% increase in session-based conversion, yielding an average annual revenue increase of nearly $380,000.


When it comes to security, Hosting24 doesn’t provide too much detail on what they have in place. For example, they don’t mention email security, while most providers offer something like SpamExperts for free. Still, all shared and Cloud hosting accounts come with a free SSL certificate, which is a must-have for reputable websites nowadays.

They do mention that they use Bitninja Protection on all of their servers, which comes with an advanced firewall and other threat detection and removal features. That’s already a step in the right direction. VPS packages are also inherently more secure than shared or cloud hosting, which makes it a good option for businesses or those with sensitive projects.

Automatic Backups

One of the best things about Hosting24 is that any customer can have their website automatically backed up daily. However, depending on your plan, you might need to pay a bit more for the privilege. Unless you have the Business Web Hosting package, it will cost only $0.95 per month. All cPanel and Cloud Hosting customers also get automatic daily backups for free. VPS customers get automatic weekly backups while they can upgrade to daily backups for only $1.98.

Cloudflare Protection

This is another excellent security feature that some customers will get for free and that others can add on for a low fee. On top of being a performance-boosting CDN, Cloudflare Protection also offers robust protection of DDoS and other automated attacks aimed at disrupting a website. Once again, Business Web Hosting, cPanel, and Cloud customers all get this for free while Single and Premium Web hosting customers can get it for a once-off payment of $9.95.

Customer Support Review

Unfortunately, Hosting24 doesn’t offer any phone support, which is something most other hosts provide in some form or another. Except for their excellent live chat support, there is also not really anything exceptional about their customer services. Shared hosting customers on the Business plan can expect shorter waiting times with Deluxe support, but that’s about it.

24/7/365 Email and Live Chat Support

However, I have to add that Hosting24’s support representatives are some of the most welcoming and friendliest around. They always respond within a short amount of time (even if you’re communicating via email) and provide a thorough explanation. This makes reaching out to customer support an enjoyable and comfortable experience.


Since Hosting24 doesn’t have the broadest range of support channels, it’s good to know that you have an exhaustive KB you can depend on. With nearly 500 topics across a full range of categories, there isn’t much left out. Many of the issues will redirect you to more information on Hostinger’s KB, which is even more extensive. Some of these links no longer exist, but you should be able to find the appropriate topic by digging around in Hostinger’s documentation.

Support Tickets

Hosting24 offers ticketed support, which can be accessed via the Client Area.

Live Chat

Hosting24 offers sales and technical customer support via live chat.

Tutorials & Guides

Hosting24 offers a limited range of technical article and guides.

Website Migration

Hosting24 offers free website migration support for most plans.

Community Forums

Hosting24 does not have a dedicated community forum for customer support and troubleshooting.

Phone Support

Hosting24 does not offer technical customer support via phone.

Multilingual Support

Hosting24 does not mention offering customer support across multiple languages.

Premium Support

Hosting24 does not offer a specialized technical support channel for specific hosting platforms or problems.

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