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Updated: January 7, 2023

Vodien is a Singapore-based hosting provider with an exceptional range of shared hosting packages for everyone from bloggers or personal website owners to high-traffic online businesses. Furthermore, VPS or dedicated server customers can look forward to scalable resources and premium managed services to support their business needs. With highly responsive 24/7 support across all channels, including TeamViewer, no customers will be left behind if they run into issues. Overall, it’s a polished hosting service with high-quality features, especially regarding security.



Shared Hosting Review

Best for Portfolio and Basic websites

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Multiple Sites Whether you can host multiple domains on this hosting plan.
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • Email Accounts Plans with email accounts included save you the hassle of having to setup your own email hosting.
    • Free Migration Transfer If you’re migrating your website from another company or plan, you might need support migrating your website to the new servers.
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

If you’re looking for Singapore-based hosting, Vodien’s shared hosting packages are a great way to get your personal or small business website off the ground. With superb user experience, as well as a free SSL certificate and domain name, you’ll have everything you need to host a website.


Vodien offers a total of 5 shared hosting plans, each higher-tier plan offering more storage space than the previous. While storage space ranges from 15 GB to 150 GB, data transfer is unlimited with all plans which, like most hosts, is subject to a fair usage policy:

Vodien’s service is designed to meet the typical needs of individuals and small business website Subscribers. It’s NOT intended to support the sustained high demands of large enterprises, international businesses, or non-typical applications better suited to a dedicated server.

As you can see, Vodien doesn’t outline exact limits. However, to ensure all their customers get an equal share of the resources, bandwidth is limited to what’s usual for a small business. If your website grows beyond this size, you will automatically get throttled and may have to upgrade. That said, for 99% of users, this won’t be an issue. Plus, 15 GB of storage is more than enough for most general websites with a good amount of media.

As for MySQL databases, you’ll be able to create five on the lowest plans, with 45 being the maximum Voiden offers on their shared environment. MySQL databases are needed for WordPress websites or websites that require many features or databases, such as: storing user account information, product information, or any other sets of data your site will require.

For those looking to migrate their website to Vodien, you are offered free website migrations from other cPanel providers, as long as your website is under 5GB in size. For larger sites, you can still have Voiden migrate your website for you for $25 – which is quite a cheap rate, in comparison to other hosts on the market.


The price mentioned by Vodien on their website is for its annual subscription rates. Prices range from $10/month to $90/month, depending on your plan. As with most hosts, extended contracts will assure you a cheaper month-by-month rate on your hosting, but you will be locked in and have to pay upfront for the entire term.

Unfortunately, Vodien doesn’t offer a discounted first-term rate like other hosts – which is a significant benefit for newcomers. On the other hand, this does help Voidens new customers avoid the typical pitfall of signing up for long-term hosting, not knowing that new-customer discounts don’t apply on renewal – often doubling or tripling their initial price on hosting. However, Vodien’s plans are priced above the industry average. This is especially true for their higher-tier plans, which go up to $90 – compared to $20-$50/month plans for premium Singapore based hosting.


Unless you’re looking to register a .com.sg or .sg domain, Voiden doesn’t offer free domain registration (usually for the first year with other hosts) for new customers. What’s more, to register a domain, expect to pay $20 for registration, which is about the industry standard.

Hosting wise, you’ll be able to host five domains per account on the lowest plan and up to 30 on higher plans. For those looking to host a few client sites, even on Voidens entry-level plan can do so – which is a step-up from other hosts that generally offer one domain on their lowest plans. Parked and subdomains are entirely unlimited.


Voiden provides a network and hardware uptime guarantee of 99.9% availability. While a 99.9% uptime guarantee is the standard industry-wide, few providers back it up with a server-level agreement. What this means is for every 30 minutes of downtime beyond 0.1%, Vodien will refund 5% of your hosting up to a maximum of a full month’s subscription cost. What’s more, if you’re not happy with their hosting, you can always cash in the 30-day money-back guarantee granted on sign-up.

Security and SSL

All shared hosting plans come with a free, basic SSL certificate. For most websites, this will be enough to keep your site secure – especially if your site is brand new. You’ll also have the ability to upgrade your SSL certificate if you need a higher level of validation and security through Vodiens premium SSL certificates, all of which are powered by Comodo SSL. These range from $60/year (Standard) to $624/year (Wildcard SSL), with the latter being best used for large scale business or eCommerce sites that regularly handle sensitive or personal customer information. What’s more, Voiden also supports third-party SSL certificates if you’re migrating over.

Automatic site backups are also included on all plans, with website data saved weekly by default. Worry-free services like these are great for all users, especially those less hosting-savvy or time-poor. For more peace of mind, you’ll also have the option to pay $5 for daily automatic backups, this is slightly more expensive than other hosts offerings, but it can be useful if you’re making changes to your site regularly.

It’s also worth knowing that, while some hosts offer free daily automatic backups, the task of restoring it usually isn’t. With Vodien, they’ll restore your first backup every month for free. After that, you’ll be charged $25 per backup.

That’s not all, Vodien also offers DDoS Protection as an addon. This is a fully-managed DDoS protection suite with automatic static content caching, web application firewall protection, and TLS 1.2/1.3 Support. It should protect your website from being brought down by most automated bot attacks or denial of service attacks by hackers. For new websites or small business websites, the likely-hood of a DDoS attack is fairly uncommon – but not impossible. We’d recommend this addon for eCommerce or medium-high traffic websites.

Control Panel and Management Dashboard

Vodien offers its custom account management dashboard; it’s modern, easy to use, and the user interface is simple enough for complete beginners. This dashboard is where you’ll be able to monitor your server usage, access files, and installers, and manage your backups or accounts. Many other hosts still offer dated and rudimentary management dashboards, which makes Voidens offering a better than some competitors.

For your hosting management panel, Vodien uses the industry-standard cPanel. cPanel is one of the most powerful, popular, and overall best hosting panels around. It also includes the Softaculous script installer that’s a one-click installer for just about any hosting-related application. Some of the features overlap with the management dashboard, so more technical users can use cPanel, and hosting newcomers can use the dashboard.

Business Hosting Review

Best for eCommerce and Growing Small Businesses

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Multiple Sites Whether you can host multiple domains on this hosting plan.
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • Email Accounts Plans with email accounts included save you the hassle of having to setup your own email hosting.
    • Free Migration Transfer If you’re migrating your website from another company or plan, you might need support migrating your website to the new servers.
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

High Performance

Vodien’s Business Plans are a premium hosting solution crafted for businesses with high performance, high security hosting in-mind. Ranging from $25/month (bizValue) to $150/month (bizElite), the north-star for Voiden’s business hosting plans is the high-performance speed benefits you’ll get with SSD Flash drives.

While there’s no denying the speed improvement you’ll get from SSD over hard disk drives (HDD), in our experience, most top companies have already made this shift in hardware across shared hosting servers – including for basic web hosting.

To improve speed even further, Vodien also provides its web speed Assurance package to business customers. As part of this, they will monitor your website performance and have one of their technical experts provide a one-time control panel optimization to improve your site’s performance, custom to your requirements.


This matched with the priority, SuperSupport that’s also included on all Business plans, will make running and optimizing your website easier as well. SuperSupport doesn’t just get you shorter wait times when contacting customer support. You’ll also get access to their TeamViewer support service – a highly effective service feature that’s unique to Vodien.

With TeamViewer support, you’ll be connected with a technical support team member, live streaming your desktop to them. TeamViewer gives you the ability to grant access to your pc to the support team member (can be revoked at any time), giving them full mouse and keyboard access to your PC. With this system, you’ll be able to see in full how a team member solves any issues or queries you have. Generally, this is for less technical or hardware issues. However, it does allow you to learn more about how your hosting works – hopefully reducing the frequency you’ll need to contact support. What’s more, Multiple backup restore support is also free with Business plans as well.

Security and SSL Features

Business email receives more protection with an enhanced anti-spam system, spamGuard. This plugin works to improve your business productivity and security, ensuring 99% Detection and Protection from spam and malware. Email protection is quite commonly included on most shared hosting plans across the industry and is a useful time-saver to have for your business.

You’re also provided a dedicated IP on all plans, protecting you from any actions taken by other hosting customers as it won’t contaminate your IP. This also allows you to have a dedicated SSL certificate, which is also included for free. Unfortunately, the DDoS Protection package is still an optional, paid service on business plans and is a feature we would have liked to see included free or at a discounted rate.


Just like its shared hosting plans, Vodien is priced slightly to considerably more expensive than its competition, depending on your plan. The entry-level bizValue plan starts at $25 per month, while the top-level bizUltimate plan costs $200. An SSL certificate and domain are included too, which is what you’d typically expect for this price.

That being said, business owners do get excellent value-for-money security features. And, priority support is always a great thing to have with a business-crucial website. You also still have to consider Vodien’s unique position as a Singapore-based hosting provider. As an international business hub, it might be a worthwhile investment if much of your business is done there.

The only difference between the plans is how much storage and how many databases, email accounts, and addon domains you can have. Other than that, all plans have the same feature set. That means the only real reasons to upgrade are if your website is growing beyond its storage limit or you need more unique domains (or sites) under a single account.

Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee. Instead, we would recommend starting with a shared hosting plan and then upgrading to a business hosting plan when you’re happy with Vodien’s service. The shared hosting plan should adequately support your website as it grows.

WordPress Hosting Review

Best for Blogs and eCommerce sites

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Multiple Sites Whether you can host multiple domains on this hosting plan.
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • Visitors A similar metric to Bandwidth, each-time a visitor views your website they use bandwidth.
      – General rule of thumb:
      Visitor Limit = Bandwidth x 3
    • Free Migration Transfer If you’re migrating your website from another company or plan, you might need support migrating your website to the new servers.
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

Vodien’s WordPress hosting packages will get you started in no time and to take the stress out of hosting a WordPress website. While staging tools and a 99.9% uptime guarantee will ensure you’re always available to visitors, generous monthly visitor and storage limits mean these plans are suitable for everyone, from bloggers to business owners.

What’s Included?

All plans come with unlimited data transfer and reach up to 50GB SSD Storage, 1 million monthly visits, and five hosted WordPress sites on their top plan (wpUltimate). The wpValue plan should be suitable for blogs or small business websites, while the wpUltimate plan should support a single medium-to-large business website or multiple blogs/small business websites.

Although most other WordPress hosting providers also limit the number of monthly visits you can receive, they usually have plans with even higher limits or even at least one unlimited plan. Still, it’s great that you have unlimited transfer, especially if you stream or have a lot of media on your site.

Although there is no unlimited storage, you have to take into account that it is SSD storage, which means much faster performance. In terms of pure capacity, it’s above the industry average, but not exceptional.

Furthermore, these packages run on environments optimized for WordPress. Cache Blaster is used to boost performance while you have access to WordPress-specific support and the most popular tools like phpMyAdmin to manage your databases.

Technical users will be glad to know that all the most popular command-line tools can be used to run commands and manage their hosting. These include WP-CLI as well as SSH and SFTP access to your hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

A fully managed solution, many of the technical aspects of hosting a WordPress site are taken care of for you. For starters, you get an automatic migration tool to transfer your existing WordPress website for free. All you need to do is enter in some details, and your website will be transferred immediately. While most hosts offer WordPress migration, you usually have to contact support to do it.

One-click WordPress installation is available if you’re starting from scratch. From then on, WordPress will automatically be kept updated. You also get automatic backups, and free website restores from your control panel.

Staging is another excellent tool that allows you to work on an offline version of your site while leaving your live site unaffected and available to visitors. This is great for limiting downtime. GIT also comes pre-installed which allows users to make various “branches” of their website. It gives you the ability to revert to a certain point or switch to different builds of your site with just a few clicks.

Unlike shared hosting, you do in fact, get DDoS Protection standard with your WordPress hosting plan. While most other hosts offer one-click installation, backups, and caching, staging, WP-CLI, and dedicated DDoS protection are pretty outstanding features. Furthermore, WordPress hosting customers get 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support. You can even get remote support using Teamviewer if your support rep needs to get hands-on.

SSL Certificates

Vodien doesn’t explicitly mention providing SSL certificates with their WordPress hosting. However, it does state that WordPress hosting packages are HTTPS-enabled. This is the same thing as having a free, shared SSL certificate which most other hosts provide. However, it’s not automatically enabled, and you’ll have to contact customer support to set it up for you. If you want a dedicated SSL certificate with better encryption, Vodien offers premium certificates that they can install for you.


Once again, Vodien’s WordPress hosting costs slightly more than the average. There are also no first-term or long-term discounts, with the price fixed between $10.50. $17, and $27 per month for the various plans.

With a free domain for the first year and HTTPS, you get all the necessities of hosting a website. However, it’s Vodien’s exceptional managed hosting platform that stands out. The added security, backup, and restores, and support will save you a ton of money. Packages are also backed by the same 30-day money-back guarantee, with contracts ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Generally, WordPress hosting is far better value for money than the shared hosting if you want to build WordPress websites. If you’re willing to pay slightly more than their competitors, you’ll also be rewarded with a richer hosting experience.

VPS Hosting Review

Best for High Traffic and Fast Growing sites

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Managed Managed servers are generally recommended if you are looking for specialised or advanced server hosting and have little to low technical skills
    • CPU (Cores)
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • RAM Minimum Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 4GB
      – eCommerce sites: 4GB-6GB of RAM
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

What’s Included?

Vodien has four VPS packages for customers to choose from; The starter self managed plan comes with 50 GB of SSD storage, 2 GB of memory, a 2 core processor, and 1 TB of data transfer. Resources scale up to 22 GB RAM and a 12 core processor, with the same storage and data transfer.

Interestingly, the first two packages are actually the same. Where they differ is whether you opt for a self-managed or fully-managed solution. The two top-tier plans upgrade your performance by adding more memory and CPU cores on top of being fully-managed servers.

However, you don’t need to stick to these configurations as you can scale your resources on an individual basis. You can opt for up to 1,000 GB of SSD storage, 20 GB of memory (for the Self Managed and Managed package), 16 CPU cores, 10 TB of data transfer, and 4 dedicated IP addresses. Vodien’s scalability is up there with some of the best.

You also get premium hardware in the form of Dell PowerEdge server infrastructure with Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 processors and RAID storage redundancy. Not to mention up to 10GB/sec connection speeds via a Tier 1 internet backbone and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This makes Vodien’s VPS offering suitable for the most demanding hosting jobs, even up to enterprise-grade needs. For now, only Singapore-based data centers are available, but Vodien has announced servers in Australia, UK, and the USA coming soon.

Managed vs. Self-managed hosting

With Vodien’s VPS packages, you can choose between self-managed and fully-managed hosting. With self-managed hosting, you’ll get access to a sandbox environment where you’ll have complete control over what software to install and how to manage your hosting. This option is for users with the skills, time, and resources to manage their own server and solve most of their own complications.

To that effect, you can choose between Ubuntu LTS, Debian LTS, Debian 8, and CentOS7 as your operating system for free. You can also go for CentOS7 plus cPanel for an extra $25 per month. Even Windows Server 2016 is available for an additional $40 per month. This is an outstanding selection, which only the top VPS hosts offer.

The benefit of going with a fully-managed option is that you’ll receive managed support services from a professional server technician. Although you’ll still have access to standard 24/7 support with self-managed hosting, this won’t cover every problem you might run into with your server.

A fully-managed option allows a technician to log in to and administrate your server, giving them greater access to help you. Some of the standard managed services included by default are local backups, software support, updates, and proactive server monitoring.

However, your only OS options will be CentOS 7 + cPanel (for free) or Cloud Linux + cPanel (for an extra $40 per month). You also won’t be able to choose to scale your resources as you wish, but you do have three configurations to choose from.

Even between managed options, you have the choice between standard and fully managed services. The latter allows for advanced server configuration from a technician plus spamGuard and software installation services, such as a firewall and anti-malware. All managed customers can also add services like live monitoring of your TCP/IP ports and automated daily backups with 100 GB of storage.

Managed customers also get a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. This caches your website on servers across the globe for better performance. Of course, self-managed customers are free to install their own. Regardless of which option you choose, all customers can add on the DDoS Protection package as well.


For self-managed hosting, you’ll pay at least $50 per month while adding resources Adhoc can significantly increase that figure. This is slightly more expensive than the average entry-level price, but not by much. Although the amount of data is slightly restrictive at this cost, the CPU and SSD storage is generous compared to the rest. A fully managed service costs about $50 a month extra. This is about standard for the industry, although some hosts do charge way more.

Overall, Vodien’s prices can be considered reasonable. Considering the polish of the service, it might actually be good value for money. The only snag is that Vodien doesn’t offer a free domain and SSL certificate like some other VPS hosts. However, many others don’t offer these incentives either. Once again, although you don’t get a heavily discounted first term, you know exactly what price you’ll pay.

There is also no 30-day money-back guarantee, so you should make sure Vodien is the right host for you. That being said, they do offer monthly hosting so that you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. It’s also not priced more expensive than a yearly contract.

Dedicated Hosting Review

Best for High traffic sites, maximum resources & security

Hosting Plans

    • Product
    • Managed Managed servers are generally recommended if you are looking for specialised or advanced server hosting and have little to low technical skills
    • CPU (Cores)
    • Disk Storage
    • Bandwidth Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 10GB
      – eCommerce sites: 15GB+
    • RAM Minimum Recommendations:
      – Basic sites: Upto 4GB
      – eCommerce sites: 4GB-6GB of RAM
    • Price The monthly cost for this plan, including discounts
    • View Product

With superb hardware, self-managed, and fully managed support, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee, customers can expect to get the most out of their dedicated server hosting. These packages are perfect for high-traffic, high-load websites running enterprise business applications.

What’s Included?

Vodien’s dedicated servers are divided into two self-managed and four fully managed options. All configurations come with Intel Xeon Quad, Hex, or Octa-core processors, SATA or high-speed SAS hard drives, and high-speed ECC memory. This is the top-tier dedicated server hardware, and on par with some of the best in the business.

All plans have a 5 TB data transfer cap, which is fairly standard, but most hosts offer up to 10 or 20 TB options. You can’t configure resources individually, but the available configurations cover a wide range of resource requirements. With self-managed servers, you get the option of either 4 GB memory and 2 x 250 GB SATA hard drives or 12 GB memory and 2 x 600 GB SAS storage.

The managed server configurations range from 8 GB memory and 3 x 600 GB SAS storage to 32 GB ECC memory and 4 x 600 GB SAS storage. If you’ve been hosting your online business on VPS servers, but you’re starting to hit your limits, Vodien’s dedicated servers should provide you with even more room to grow.

Self-managed vs. Managed

Like the VPS packages, there are self-managed, managed, and fully managed support levels. Self-managed servers come with a typical bare-bones environment that you can configure to your needs. These servers come with the same OS options that you can have automatically installed as the self-managed VPS servers. Even Windows is available, which is relatively rare.

If you go with a managed server, you won’t get to choose your OS. However, you’ll also unlock server management services and extra features to make administrating your server easier. Some of these are more email accounts plus spamGuard and more advanced email configuration assistance. 3rd party application installation, proactive server monitoring, and local backups are all part of the service. You can even enlist Vodien’s developers to customize PHP or Apache for you. Furthermore, there is a 4-hour hardware replacement time backed by an SLA.

All this should mean that your server is in safe hands and that you will suffer a minimal amount of downtime due to any failures. As far as managed server packages go, it’s one of the best around which should give you added peace of mind. Managed server customers can also extend this peace of mind even further with some addon features. You can add the DDoS Protection plan, an SSL certificate, live monitoring, and automated daily backups (extendable to 100 GB of storage).


Vodien’s dedicated server pricing does fall within the higher-end among its competitors. However, they do back this price up with some top-of-the-line hardware and features. Prices start at $286 per month and go up as high as $1305 per month with managed services. As is the case with most dedicated server providers, you’ll need to pay extra for Windows hosting and cPanel. However, Vodien does charge a bit more than average for these services, and some hosts offer it for free.

Unfortunately, though, you don’t get a free domain or SSL certificate with these packages. While it’s relatively common for dedicated server packages not to come with these, it would’ve been nice considering the premium price tag. For now, dedicated servers are only available in Singapore-based data centers, but they are on the way for Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Top Features

Website Migration Support

Vodien will help migrate new customer sites free of charge.

Inclusive Suite of Products

Vodiens ecosystem of products ensures you’ll have all the necessary services to build and grow your website optimally.

Managed WordPress Plans

Vodien offer managed and optimized WordPress hosting.

Remote Support

Vodien customers can request 1-on-1, remote customer support via TeamViewer.


With Vodien, you can rest assured that all the bases are covered when it comes to security. With free SSL certificates, backup and restores, automatic WordPress updates, and SFTP access, you’re at least guaranteed a secure foundation to build on.

DDoS Protection

This is an extremely secure addon available for most hosting accounts. It costs $40 extra a month, which is pretty expensive but offers protection unparalleled by most hosting providers. You have to purchase a subscription separately for each domain you want to protect.

It’s a fully managed DDoS mitigation tool, which means you don’t have to manage it in any way. It will automatically protect your website from brute force or automated bot attacks, ensuring your website’s uptime. It also features automatic static content caching and a web firewall for enhanced performance and security. So, although it’s expensive, it’s an incredibly powerful feature not offered by many other hosts.

Free and Premium SSL Certificates

For most hosting packages, Vodien provides access to HTTPS hosting. However, this doesn’t extend to VPS or dedicated servers. The catch is that this isn’t enabled automatically, and you’ll need to request it via support channels.

While this will give you a standard level of SSL encryption, you can also purchase premium SSL certificates. All their premium SSL certificates feature 256-bit encryption with EV (extended validation) certificates available for even stronger encryption. Unlike most other hosts, their premium SSL certificates come with a money-back guarantee as well.

Backup and Restore

Backup and restores are available with all plans in one form or another. For example, shared web hosting customers get free weekly backups (stored for 2 weeks) as well as one free restore. Beyond this, you’ll need to pay $25 per restore. Backups are stored remotely so that their data will remain safe even if something happens to the physical server.

Automatic daily backup and restores can are bought as an addon for all accounts, except self-managed dedicated servers. However, Business and WordPress customers do get this for free. For server customers, it will depend on whether you went for self-managed or managed hosting whether this option is available.

Managed Security Services

Most server customers use their website for business-critical operations. That means there is no margin for error when it comes to protecting their website data and ensuring they don’t miss out on business by having their website taken down.

Managed server customers can expect a higher level of security, thanks to their managed support services. These include live monitoring and spamGuard email protection. Live monitoring is important for catching potential threats before they can exploit a system. Furthermore, support reps will install firewall and anti-malware software for you upon request. While this is a pretty standard managed server package, it’s a non-negotiable for business customers without their own IT resources.

AI Sentry

A unique feature developed by Vodien, AI Sentry works by protecting customers and their users against DDoS, malware and other malicious attacks. How does it work? To start, it covers three areas: Application security, Network security and Bot security. In each area, AI Sentry is tasked with detecting malicious patterns and behaviour to interpret new attacks, not just old ones. For customers who are looking for more than the average level of hosting security, it’s hard to look past Vodiens offering.

Customer Support Review

No matter what type of hosting you have or what level of server management you subscribe to, all Vodien customers will have access to 24/7 support via live chat, email, or the phone. Although 24/7 live chat is relatively common, it’s much rarer for phone support.

On top of that, Vodien offers remote support via Teamviewer. It allows you and a support rep to share your screens so that they can be more hands-on with assisting you with your issue. This is an instrumental support channel offered by very few other hosts and would be typically found on a costly, premium support package.

All of Vodien’s support channels are very responsive and helpful. We usually get through chat and phone support in under 5 minutes. While not many customers still use it, email support is also super quick with responses sometimes coming through in under 20 minutes. Most hosts only send an email response within 24 hours, if at all.

Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials
For those who want to solve their issues DIY, Vodien provides a fairly rich knowledge base with over 400 articles and guides. On top of the articles being neatly arranged under topics, there is also a search functionality to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The guides themselves are usually written step-by-step, making them easy to follow.

On top of the support knowledgebase, Vodien also provides several free video tutorials. These help you with hosting tasks from setting up a POP3 email account to installing WordPress to explaining basic web hosting topics so you can get the most out of your hosting.

Fully Managed Support Services
For customers without the technical know-how or resources to manage their own VPS or dedicated server, Vodien offers self-managed, managed, and fully managed server options. Self-managed users will have sole ownership of administering their servers. However, managed and fully managed users will have the benefit of multiple services making this easier.

For one, you can call on support to install software, including a firewall or anti-malware, as well as customize your PHP and Apache configurations. Proactive monitoring will also increase the chance that any issues are caught and solved before they affect your uptime. While this is mostly a standard managed service package, it’s indispensable for clients that need it.

Support Tickets

Vodien email ticket supports sales, billing and technical support inquiries.

Live Chat

Vodiens live chat support can help with general technical support and inquiries.

Knowledge Base

Vodien provide a Knowledge Base for basic troubleshooting and site setup.

Website Migration

Voidien offer free basic site migration for all new customers.

Community Forums

Vodien does not have a dedicated community forum for customer support and troubleshooting.

Phone Support

Vodien does not offer technical customer support via phone.

Multilingual Support

Vodien does not mention offering customer support across multiple languages.

Premium Support

Vodien does not offer a paid or premium customer support service.

Customer Reviews

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